Christmas Canapes

HK$4000 Minimum; Drop-Off Delivery Only


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Cold Canapes
Warm Canapes
Dessert Canapes

Cold Canapes

24 pieces per type

  • Choose your cold canapes *

    Italian Sausage Chorizo with Mozzarella and Rocket Round Bruschetta + $560.00
    Smoked Salmon with Red Onion and Capers on Rye Rounds + $580.00
    Blini’s with Beetroot Puree and Smoked Salmon + $585.00
    Thai Beef Salad with Mango served in a Mini Open Tart Shell + $560.00
    Red Pepper Hummus-filled Japanese Cucumber (Veg) + $540.00
    Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes with Cranberry Creamcheese served on Coloured Bamboo Skewers (Veg) + $525.00
    Mini Scones with Brie Cheese and Cranberry Jam (Veg) + $580.00
    Ricotta Cheese with Dill served in a Beetroot Mini Tart Shell (Veg) + $580.00
    Goat Cheese, Chives, and Dried Cranberry Open Tart Shell (Veg) + $560.00
    Red Onion with Feta Cheese and Olives Baked Parcel (Veg) + $560.00

Warm Canapes

24 pieces per type

  • Choose your warm canapes *

    Mini Yorkshire Pudding with Roasted Beef and Horseradish + $650.00
    Mini Hoisin and Honey Glazed Chipolata Sausages (24 pcs) + $500.00
    Smoked Bacon wrapped Chipolata Sausages served with Spicy Tomato Dipping Sauce (25pcs) + $580.00
    Mini Turkey and Cranberry Pies + $660.00

Dessert Canapes

24 pieces per type

  • Choose your dessert canapes *

    Santa’s Fruit Hats served on Mini Bamboo Skewers + $552.00
    Mini Chocolate Mousse with Fresh Strawberry served in a Sweet Tart Shell + $485.00
    Mini Mince Pies + $485.00
    Mini Chocolate Fudge Cake + $425.00
    Ginger Bread Boy with Christmas Hat + $440.00
    Santa Clause Costume Image White + Red Macaron with Vanilla filling + $485.00
    Merry Christmas Patterned Icing Cookie + $485.00

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